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Welcome to KOYASAN

Koyasan is a welcoming place at any time of the year. The peaceful and serene atmosphere is sure to move anyone who visits there. 
It is a place both the old and historic live on as great symbols of Japanese Heritage. 

There is no other place in Japan where you can encounter such a huge religious site surrounded by so many ancient structures in the natural forests. 
It was 1200 years ago that Kobo Daishi Kukai founded this mountain as his monastery. Since then monks have followed the traditions with awe.
The men and time may be different, but one can be sure that Koyasan will remain for hundreds of years to come, and attract us forever.

It is a core temple complex. Nearly twenty of ancient traditional architectures stand in this sacred precinct. 
The word 'Garan' means 'a clean and quiet place where Buddhist monks gather for their practices.


Since 816 when Kobo Daishi Kukai started to found the Buddhist monastery at this site, 'Garan' has been the monastic center of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism. In that meaning this is the spot where the the history of Koyasan could be started from here.
Anyone who visits this place is sure to be attracted by the magnificent Great Stupa. Nearly twenty of ancient traditional architectures stand in this sacred precinct, where both Buddhism and Shinto are enshrined in peace.

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Originally, this whole mountain used to be called "KONGOBUJI."
Nowadays it is the name of the head temple of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism. Most of the important rituals and ceremonies are held here. 
Toyotomi Hideyoshi ordered to build this temple to comfort the spirit of deceased his mother in 1593. 

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Banryutei Rock Garden
With an area of 2340 square meters, it is the largest rock garden in Japan.


The most sacred area in Koyasan. Over 200,000 of gravestones and monuments stand in the forest of Japanese cedar trees. 
At the end of the approach, Kobo Daishi (Kukai) is believed to be sitting and meditating in his Mausoleum for over 1000 years. 

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53 among 116 temples in Koyasan are called "Shukubo (Temple Lodging)." Japanese gardens are well kept and attract us all four seasons. Two meals, dinner and breakfast, are vegetarian cuisine. Overnight guests can join in the morning service held at the main hall of each temple. Staying in a temple makes your journey really special. 

Needless to say, there are more to see. For more information, please visitthe Koyasan Tourist Association or contact us. 

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