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Take a tour with us and find the secrets and stories of Koyasan, a wealth of information you won’t find in any guidebook. (Koyasan Interpreter Guide Club) 

Private Guided Tours of Koyasan


You can start the tours at any time in your convenience.


Highlights of Koyasan  ( 4h ) 
Okunoin, Garan, Kongobuji

JPY  15,000 / a group

Okunoin Walking Tour ( 2h )

JPY 10,000 / a group

Garan & Kongobuji Tour ( 2h )

JPY 10,000 / a group

Customized Tour

We can provide a variety of tours. 
Apply in person for further particular

(*) Group size: less than 6 persons in each tour
(*) Not included: Admissions, Transportations, Eating and Drinking.
(*) Each tour is subject to change or cancel due to weather conditions. 
(*) KCCN shall not be liable for any accidents during the tour.


Book in Advance!






All these tours are provided by the Koyasan Interpreter Guide Club (KIGC) consisting of the Official Tour Guides of Koyasan with National Guide Certificate and Regional. KIGC is managed by the Koyasan Cross-cultural Communication Network (KCCN). 

Koyasan Private  Tours
 Reservation Only

Experienced Guides will show you around Koyasan. Picking up service is available. You can start each tour at any time in your convenience. We are glad to plan out your days in Koyasan. Please contact us.

(3)Highlights of Koyasan Tour (4h)


15,000JPY/ a group

This is the most popular tour. If this is your first visit to Koyasan, we recommend this tour. Experienced guides show you around the three main places (Okunoin, Garan, Kongobuji) in 4 hours. Your guide explains inside of Daito, Kondo and Kongobuji. Admissions are not include.

(4)Okunoin Tour (2h)


 10,000 JPY/ a group 

From the Ichinohashi entrance to the Nakanohashi Exit, we walk along the 2km approach to the founder’s Mausoleum. This fascinating place attracts you for its history and nature as well.

(5)Garan & Kongobuji Tour (2h)


 10,000 JPY/a group

Garan is one of the two sacred sites in Koyasan. Why Koyasan was founded by Kukai. How it has been maintained for over 1,000 years. What is all about Koyasan? You can get more information about Koyasan

during this tour.  Admissions are not included.

(6)Night Tour of Okunoin or Garan (1.5h)  


10,000JPY/a group

When the night has come, but the moon is not the only light to see. Hundreds of stone lanterns in Okunoin give us light in the dark. Also In Garan, huge statues begin to whisper something to us in the dark. You can enjoy night view of each place quite different from that in day time.

During the tour we’ll have a short meditation time.

(7)Trekking Tour (4h)


 15,000JPY/a group

Group size of each tour above: less than 6 persons  

Four courses are available: Panoramic view course, Koya three-mountain course, Women’s Pilgrimage Path Course, Choishi-michi Course.


Please contact us for details. <予約サイトへ>

(8)Custom Tour :  A variety of tours are available.     


   Please contact us for details.  <予約サイトへ>

(9) Short Trekking (9:00am ~ 11:30am)

 5,000 JPY/ 2 persons


Meet at 9am at the Shukubo Kyokai Build.

by the bus stop #6  Monday to Friday. Panoramic View Course.

Reservation only.   

 (Notice) Time and course are scheduled. Impossible to make changes.

Phone: 0736-56-2270  090-1486-2588 090-3263-5184E-mail:      We are the Official Guide Club of Koyasan consisting of licensed guides of National, Regional and Kongobuji. For further information, please visit us at VIC in Daishi Kyokai Build. 1F, or our website.


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