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 Aoba Festival


June 15 is the birthday of Kobodaishi, the founder of Koyasan and Shingon Buddhism. The weather was not totally expected to be fine or even oppositely. But it was blessed by Kobodaishi's virtue and even rain waited to its fall. Not only whole town but worshippers all over Japan get together at Koyasan and celebrate Kobodaishi's birthday in many ways.

Here are just a part of the floats, dancers in Koyasan and high school students there. I didn't expect high school boys and girls danced so active and cheerfully.

People from Kagawa, one of the 4 prefectures in Shikoku Island where Kobodaishi was born and later opened his pilgrimage route, have participate in the parade in their pilgrimage costume. How well organized their beautiful dancing are!

Young priests also participate in the parade and spread pieces of paper called "sangue" whose shape is a lotus petal*.
Sangue is widely given in the Buddhist services or ceremonies to hold some memorial services for Buddha or the Saint like Kobodaishi. People who get these are grateful to Buddha for his virtue.

* Aoba Matsuri in Event calendar

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