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Find the secrets and stories of Koyasan

Take a tour with us and find the secrets and stories of Koyasan, a wealth of information you won’t find in any guidebook. (Koyasan Interpreter Guide Club)

Custom Guided Tours of Koyasan

Half-day Walking Tour
( 4h )
Okunoin, Garan, Kongobuji
JPY 15,000 / a group
Okunoin Walking Tour
( 2h )
JPY 10,000 / a group
Garan & Kongobuji Tour
( 2h )
JPY 10,000 / a group
Custom Tour:
Apply in person for further particulars
JPY 10,000 / a group
(*) Group size: less than 10 persons in each tour
(*) Not included: Admissions, Transportations, Eating and Drinking.
(*) Each tour is subject to cancelled due to weather conditions.
(*) KCCN shall not liable for any accidents during the tour.

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Koyasan Interpreter Guide Club (KIGC) is managed by the Koyasan Cross-cultural Communication Network (KCCN).
We are Official Tour Guide of Koyasan with National Guide Certificate or Regional.